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05 Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

Quality hot drinks at your fingertips are what DC 7 Vending will provide.
Your options include tea's, coffee's, cappuccino and soups, there will be a selection to keep all your staff and customers satisfied.

Machines are available in table top and free standing models and selections include instant, in-cup, bean to cup all of a high quality and producing the drinks you want.


Neo brings the coffee shop directly to you, serving a delicious range of high quality hot & cold beverages. Finished in smoked glass, the angular design provides a stunning look which will compliment any environment. The patented in-touch selection system incorporates large icon buttons which are akin to many consumer electronic devices, making drink selection simple and quick. The wallpaper graphic system with LED backlighting allows the machine to be transformed for different environments.

There are three standard wallpapers to choose – warm espresso, cool mono or Iconic. The panel can also be customised. NEO is available in five different specifications (instant, single fresh brew tea, double fresh brew, triple fresh brew and bean to cup). The varied menu includes continental coffee blends directly from the bean, fresh leaf teas, the finest freeze dried coffees and indulgent hot chocolate drinks. Using the in-touch system the consumer can fully customise the drink, altering the amount of milk / sugar and varying the strength of tea or coffee. The consumer experience is further enhanced with a large open serving area which is LED backlit, displaying the drink when it is prepared.

Once perfected the selection process can be enhanced by using the Neo Quick Code facility. This provides the user with a unique code for their optimum beverage which can be entered using the quick code function.


Combining stunning design and proven robust technology, the STEP free standing range is at the cutting edge of vending dispense systems. Finished in smoked glass the angular design with patented In-Touch user interface is akin to many consumer electronic devices. The large icon buttons make drink selection simple and quick. A 12 inch video display provides user instructions, vend sequence and can be programmed to provide useful information such as nutritional content and calorific values.

Available in single fresh brew tea or Bean to cup \ freshbrew coffee & leaf tea the Step range provides a complete menu of coffee shop style drinks – anything from sophisticated continental coffee blends to fresh leaf tea and indulgent hot chocolates, the in touch selection system allows you to fully customise your drink, altering the amount of sugar & milk to be added along with preparing the drink weaker or stronger – the choice is yours. Once you have created a perfect beverage, the unique quick code function provides a selection number for rapid choice the next time you select a drink.


Combining stunning design and proven, robust technology, the Vitro range is at the cutting edge of hot drink dispense systems. Finished in smoked glass the angular design with chrome finish trim provides a contemporary feel. The In-Touch user interface is akin to many consumer electronic devices. Comprising of six models the Vitro range provides a complete hot beverage solution.

The Vitro range now incorporates updated control technology, with advanced features such as an intuitive USB interface, timed activities - economy/shutdown mode and flexible drink programming. A Go-Large option is available on all of the Vitro range providing two cup levels at the push of a button.

Vitale S


  • Following the standards set by the most renowned espresso connoisseurs, Vitale can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality.
  • With Vitale you will enjoy a perfect balance of body, cream, aroma and flavour from the first to the last cup. Vitale guarantees the correct temperature of the first service.
  • Up to 7 product selections: Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Chocolate, Café Mocha and hot water for tea \ infusion drinks. Sugar is also available in the instant model.
  • AquaAroma filters from Britaare fitted to enhance the Coffee quality and improve the taste.



To keep your workplace running smoothly, FLAVIA® brewers deliver hassle-free convenience. Designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of today's workplace.The simplicity of the machine and its drinks delivery means that FLAVIA® can save you time and effort compared to other hot drinks machines.

The FLAVIA® CREATION 400™ is easy to use, convenient and clean. Its easy to use, intuitive interface means that you get an inviting, positive drinks experience right from the start.

Drinks are delivered in seconds, so making the perfect cup of great tasting ALTERRA™ coffee and THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ tea couldn't be easier or quicker.


Attractive Design

  • A state of the art automatic dispenser with a stunning contemporary design.
  • Simple quick change graphic system.
  • Intuitive user interface with a blue backlit display providing user instructions.
  • Chrome plated back-lit selection buttons. FLAVIA® freshpack ensures that drinks retain freshness, aroma and taste for an average of 9 months, meaning you'll spend less time organising stock.

    And the best bit is, because all the work happens inside the freshpack with no contact to other elements of the machine, cleaning takes a fraction of the time required by other machines.

    With 25 years experience and industry leading reliability a FLAVIA® system means delicious drinks are on demand whenever and wherever you want them.

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