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Chilled Drinks Vending Machines

When you need a cold drink you want it instantly.

At DC 7 Vending we take pride in supplying cold drink vendors that provide the drink you want refreshingly cold, every vend. You can decide what drinks you want including the favourites; Irn Bru, Coca Cola and all diet options. Healthy options are also available like water, fruit juices, Ribena and Lucozade.


The BevMax 4 is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandising platform that showcases a large variety of product and reliably deliveres it to the consumer every time. With market leading vend speed this is the ideal solution for busy vend areads. 

The BevMax dual delivery gates provide a truly shimless vending system with the ability to offer different sizes of cans and PET/glass bottles that can be loaded and vended without adjusting the set up.  The large, illuminated glass front of the BevMax is lit by long-life low energy LED lighting providing consumers with a clear, unobstructed view of all products available therefore allowing maximum sales impact and further enhancing its environmental creditals.  This is one of the most energy efficient vending machines in the market-place offering fast, smooth and reliable delivery system.

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